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Do you ever think that you can use some help with your audition?  Are you feeling like you are missing something in the text or the scene?  That is one of the things a "good" acting coach can help you with.  Some of your best actors and I dare say, some of your favorite stars still get coaching on some auditions.

I have been coaching students for the past 4 years.  I love doing it as much as I love acting myself.  My students have BOOKED!  As much as I would love to guarantee you that you will book, it is impossible.  What I will tell you is that I will open your eyes to things you did not see in the text and I will give you a different outlook on the process.  Don't take it from me. Here are a few of my students and what they have to say:


"Deanna helps you see things in a character and in a script that you didn’t even realize was there. Like, it’s on the page but it’s not. She doesn’t allow you to stay on a surface level with any character, but rather encourages you to see them for who they are; a real person. I appreciate that most about working with Deanna, because I always know no matter who I’m playing they will always be real and authentic."

~Demetra Dee~

"I absolutely LOVED working with Deanna, it was such a pleasant experience. I was preparing for my first film and wanted to not only work with someone I was familiar with but also someone who had been in my shoes before. Her session allowed me to learn different techniques and approaches to sides/scripts. The session also involved learning pre filming techniques, which I was most excited to apply to my prep for this role. These were also techniques that I can use for any role and take the same approach. Her sessions forces you to think from different perspectives and possibilities, which created a lot of eye opening realizations, intents, and meanings of the text. What I loved most is her spiritual background-this sealed the deal in ending our session. A great prayer, removing any anxiety, worries, and negativity from my filming process. Which is EXACTLY what I needed. I will definitely work with Deanna again in the future! " ~Renelle Nicole~

“My coaching sessions with Deanna were nothing short of amazing. First and foremost she made me feel extremely comfortable. Deanna has a very warm and welcoming personality. That made me feel like I was in a safe space with no judgment. She really taught me how to approach character work and ask the necessary questions I need to as an actor. She helped me realize how much strength there is in being vulnerable and taught me how to tap into my emotions without being over come by them. Her coaching methods helped me book my very first co-star role and beyond. She is the perfect person to learn from.” 

~Cherise Thomas~

"When my 10-year-old son, London, started auditioning for larger roles, his agency recommended an acting coach. Deanna Foster was among the coaches that came  highly recommended. Mrs. D (as we call her) has assisted London tremendously by helping him not just deliver lines, but “become” the character. In addition to being patient and supportive with young actors, she even teaches them techniques to help ease their nerves before auditions. For anyone wanting to take their acting chops to the next level, I suggest Deanna be your next call!" ~Dana Powell~

"Deanna is great!! She is a seasoned actor and when she coaches her method is  genuine  and comes from a place of experience. With Deanna, you feel like you are coaching with one of your friends. Someone who you feel comfortable around and one you know wants you to kill your next audition! Thank you Deanna, for being such a great coach! Your services are really valuable!!"

~Almedia Lee Exum~

"Coaching with Deanna prior to my audition helped me to be all the more confident in the audition room. Because of her in-depth breakdown on the text analysis, and guidance through my character’s emotional prep, I was able to adjust my performance and delivery at the director’s request, without hesitation. As a result, I nailed the audition and booked my first co-star role on network television. I appreciate that Deanna made herself accessible to answer any questions I had throughout my entire audition process all the way through to my time of being on set. Preparing with her was definitely worth it, as she exceeded my expectations of an audition coach; I look forward to working with her again soon!" ~Dominique La'Shea~

"Deanna is simply the best! Since my daughter has been working with her she has grown personally and professionally, and developed the confidence she needs to book the job and actually enjoy the audition process." ~Joya Hooks~

"My experience with Deanna's coaching was insightful as well as a positive growth for my audition successes."  ~Carolyn Nelson~

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Appointments are available in person and via video.  Rates are as follows:

$45.00 for a 30 minute session

$60.00 for a 60 minute session

Multiple session packages available

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Deanna Reed-Foster